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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Helen Frankenthaler

"If you have a gift, it is your halo and your cross.  There is no choice.  You are what you are, what you have been born.  And what is inherent in that condition is the loneliness that goes with it."

1928 -

We all have gifts.  Some that we know about and some that we don't. We need to accept our gifts and celebrate them.  The ability to create is a gift.  Whether you are a painter, a poet or a novelist, you have a gift.  Some days you will wish you didn't have the gift.  It will feel like a burden you have to bear.  Other days you will feel as if you are blessed because of your gift.  And there will be those who don't understand your gift.  They won't understand why you have to wake up at 4 am to paint, to write and to create.  They will ask why you can't be normal like everyone else.  And there will be days you ask yourself the same question.  "Why can't I be normal?  Why do I have to write?"  The answer is simple: you are blessed with a gift.  Accept it and thank the heavens that you have been blessed.