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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Janet Fish

"I get up early and ease into the day for about an hour.  Then I start working.  There are a lot of tricks you have to keep playing on yourself to keep at it because every time you hit a problem you want to walk away."

American Painter
1938 -

For a creative leader, diving into a project is the hardest thing to do.  The mind creates excuses to keep the leader from starting.  I rise early and jump right into the day — either walking, jogging or writing.  I don't wait for coffee or the sun to rise.  But I am also good at walking away from the writing if I stumble into a problem or what happens more often is that I walk away just as the creative juices are starting to flow.  It is as if my mind is telling me to slow down, not to go too fast.  

What tricks do you use to get yourself into your creative project — to start painting?  When the creative juices are flowing, how do you keep going?