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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Francisco de Goya

Portrait of
Francisco de Goya
"Painting, like poetry, selects in the universe whatever she deems most appropriate to her ends."

Spanish Painter
1746 - 1828

Who selects the subject matter of your paintings?  Your writing?  Is it you the artist or writer? Is it society and the times you live in?  Is it your muse?  Is it the painting itself?  Or the story itself?  Is the selection of the subject matter arbitrary or based on your personal subconscious logic?  Why do you put certain details in your painting and leave out others?  Why do you write about ugly men and beautiful women in your stories?  Why do you always write about the theme of being abandoned?  Do you only paint little green apples or do you throw in a red one on occasion?  I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and paint something new.  Seek new topics to write about.  Explore new subjects.  

The Clothed Maja (1803)