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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carol Emshwiller

"Stories do not change the world.  I've learned that.  But perhaps in some secret, subtle way . . . . I mean it's not the world I want to change."

American Novelist
1921 -

Sometimes as creative leaders, we hope we can change the world — to make it a better place for everyone.  Unfortunately, our vision of what we want the world to be and what it actually is rarely match.  And even the most powerful of people can not change the world to fit their vision.  We can have an impact on the lives of some people and can alter the small corner of the universe where we eat and sleep.  Maybe as Emshwiller says, we need to lower our sights.  If I touch one heart, changed one life, I have made a powerful difference.

If I want to change the world that I inhabit, I must first change myself.  As creative leaders, we must first work on becoming who we need to become before we change those around us.  It is very difficult to change someone else.  Husbands and wives understand this.  Those who learn to accept their spouses for who they are will be happily married.  Those who spend all their time trying to change the behavior of those they love, often end up bitter and angry.

Change is something that we enjoy when we are the ones who initiate it.  If someone else tries to change us, we put our foot down and refuse.  As creative leaders, our art, writing and music can touch people's lives and inspire them when they are ready to hear and see.  We all plant seeds and yet, may never hear if the seeds grow and bear fruit.  So we must hope that we have changed a few.