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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Louise Nevelson

"Another thing about creation is that every day it is like it gave birth, and it's always kind of innocent and refreshing.  So it's always virginal to me, and it's always a surprise."

American Artist
1899 - 1988

Sky Cathedral

Does your creative work surprise you?  Do you find yourself full of joy when you are working?  Are you excited about the possible outcome?  Creative work should be fun and bring us moments of happiness.  If it is a struggle for you to create, then you need to work on freeing the creative juices.  These days I can sit down at my desk and write without hesitation.  I just start writing and don't worry about the outcome.  And most times I have no idea where the story will go or what the characters will say.  The same with art.  I pick up the pen and start drawing.  I have muzzled that voice inside that always wants to criticize and tell me how terrible I am.  I don't give him a chance to scream at me.  I am learning to enjoy the moment.