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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frank Stella

"One learns about painting by looking at and imitating other painters.  I can't stress enough how important it is, if you are interested at all in painting, to look and to look a great deal at painting.  There is no other way to find out about painting."

1936 - 
American Painter

I think one of the best ways of learning how to create is to study other artists, novelists, poets, musicians, dancers and storytellers.  And most creative leaders do.  The only exception is wanna-be poets.  I am always surprised when I meet a person who tells me that he writes poetry but he never reads it.  And I have probably met hundreds in my life.  If you want to perfect your art, you need to study other artists.  But don't limit yourself to your chosen medium.  Explore other arts.  If you are a painter, read poetry.  If you are a novelist, study landscape artists and portrait artists.  If you are a dancer, study the painters who painted dancers.  The message is simple:  creative leaders need to be studying other creative leaders for insight and understanding.

Harran II