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Monday, April 25, 2011

Grace Hartigan

Frank O'Hara
"I cannot expect even my own art to provide all the answers — only to hope to it keeps asking the right questions."

American Painter
1922 - 2008

What questions are you asking with your art?  One of the roles of a creative leader is to challenge the status quo?  To ask questions that others are afraid to ask.  Seldom do artists provide the answers.  Then we would be preaching.  Our job is to question and to question our questions?  To ask what others won't ask.

What questions are you raising with your art?  Your writing?  Your music?  In recent years my poems are questioning what God is.  I have had other writers tell me you can't write about God or the soul — that these words are too limited and vague.  And yet I know it is what I must write about.  I must raise the questions.  I must challenge our understanding of God.  I know I don't have the answers — that I will probably never have the answers, but I must keep asking.

Here is a fabulous video of Grace Hartigan talking about her art.  Be patient because the movie is slow to start.