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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joyce Cary

"For the essential thing about the work of art is that it is work, and very hard work too."

— Joyce Cary
Irish Novelist
1888 - 1957

What most people who are not writers or painters don't understand is how much work it takes to create a work of art.  Writers appear to spend hours doing nothing.  What people don't see is what is going on in the mind.  The mind is working double overtime.  Even families of writers often don't have any clue about what is going on in the mind of the writer.  Sometimes the conscious mind must do nothing so the subconscious mind can connect the dots.  And when the subconscious is finished, it pushes the idea into the conscious.  Often the writer feels like the idea came out of nowhere.  And the same can be said about painters, storytellers, musicians and other creative leaders.

Unlike many people who work a nine to five job, a creative leader cannot turn off his mind.  Part of him is always working — whether he is grilling chicken, washing clothes or changing the oil in the car.  Writing and painting are 24/7 types of jobs.  You are never off-duty, even when you are having a beer with your buddies.  So don't let your family and  friends put you down because they think you are not working.  You are probably working harder than them.