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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wayne Thiebaud

"If we don't have a sense of humor, 
we lack a sense of perspective."

American Painter
1920 - 

Pies, Pies, Pies
Have you laughed today?  In these crazy times (and when have they not been crazy?), we need to be able to find humor in the absurdity of living or we will quickly lose perspective.  We will fail to see the forest.  Laughter and humor are essential for maintaining one's sanity in a difficult, confusing and chaotic world.  

Humor is something I have to work at.  I often don't laugh at what others find funny and yet I will have moments of belly shaking laughter which seem to arise out of nowhere.  Rarely, do I find comedians funny, particularly humor that puts down some group of people.  Yet, I will be listening to a news show on National Public Radio and I will find it funny.  I find humor in the absurd.  And politics are absurd.  Last week I was listening to a preacher on a CD and I broke out laughing.  I know that was not his intent, but I found what he said as ridiculous.  

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Then you will enjoy the art of Wayne Thiebaud — lots of pies, cakes and ice cream.  Go get yourself a bowl of ice cream and sit down and watch this video.  And don't forget to find something to laugh at today.