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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cristina Marrero

"To question the world around us and all its complexities is not blasphemy, but simply using the mind God gave us for its intended purpose.  God is an artist.  Artists do not create to have someone just glance and say, "That is pretty."  Artists want viewers to look closer, deeper — to really see what they have created — not just glance."

Puerto Rican Writer
1989 - 

To question is the essence of being an artist.  We should never accept the world as it seems.  We should dig deeper and explore the layers truth woven in the fabrics of our existence.  And then we need to reveal what we found for the world to see.  Those who accept the faith of their fathers without question will have a fragile faith.  Those who question the status quo and challenge the accepted wisdom will eventually strengthen their faith.

Have you paid your dues?  Have you dug deep within your soul to discover the truth?  Or have you skated on the surface, accepting what everyone sees?  I challenge you to go deeper within yourself and find the essence of what you believe.  And then share the truth you find in your creative work.