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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keith Harrell

"Challenges — life is full of them; without them, how would you know and realize the awesome power that lives within you."

Keith D. Harrell
American Speaker
1956 - 2010

We all face challenges in life.  No one ever lives a life without some challenge.  For some of us, the challenges seem to be overwhelming.  I don't know how I would survive living in a war zone or a prison.  In many ways, I feel blessed because I have had fewer challenges than some.  But I have also had more than others.  I think the first mistake is to compare my challenges to those of others.  It does no good.  

What is more important is what we learn from the challenges we face.  What do our experiences teach us?  How have our challenges made us better artists and writers?  How can we use our challenges?  Our challenges can help us find that hidden strength that we all have within us.  We are stronger than our challenges.  So the next time you have a challenge in your life.  Be thankful for what you are about to learn.  Be grateful for the gift of learning that you have been given.