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Friday, August 12, 2011

Marcel Marceau

"Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us all without words?"

French Actor and Mime
1923 - 2007

Words can not always communicate what we feel.  Sometimes silence is the best response to what happens.  Marcel Marceau was a master of silent communication.  He spoke volumes with movement and facial expressions.  I had the privilege of seeing Marceau perform live in concert in Canada in the late 1960's.  Words cannot describe the power of his performance.

As writers we live and breathe by the word.  In the beginning was the word and we felt whole.  But I have also learned that there is power in silence.  Too many words can confuse the communication.  We need to allow time for silence.  We need to enjoy the silence.  Painters understand silence.  They live in a world of color and shape.  They don't speak.  They breathe silence.

Take a few minutes today and enjoy the silence.  Turn off the TV, the I-Pod and the cell phone. Listen to the wind in the  trees.  Listen to your own breathing.  Listen to the silence.

Here is a video of Marcel Marceau performing.