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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alexander Pope

"Narrow-minded people are similar to narrow-necked bottles.  The less they have in them the more noise they make pouring it out."

English Poet
1688 - 1744

Unfortunately, we live in a time when narrow-minded people the world over have grabbed the microphones and are filling the air waves with their empty noise.  Narrow-minded people scare me.  They can not face the uncertainty of the times we live in so they seek refuge in absolutes and try to force others to follow them down a path that leads to destruction.

Creative leaders need to have open minds if they are to hear the voices of the wild exotic muses and if they are to dance passionately beneath the stars of the universe.  They have to be willing to consider the unbelievable, the impossible and the unrealistic.  

Are you open to the power of the universe?  Are you open to the people living in your backyard?  Have you broken through the glass ceiling?  Stay open!  Stay free!  Stay happy!