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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hisham Matar

"When I first began writing In the Country of Men all I had was the voice of the protagonist.  He intrigued me and my desire to want to know him and his world became almost compulsive."

Libyan Novelist
1970 -

Sometimes it is the small things like a memory or face or a photo that triggers the beginning of a story or a novel.  Maybe it is a voice inside the writer's head.  The novel I wrote many years ago was inspired by a character in one of my short stories.  I wanted to explore the relationship between a father and a son, but the father took over the story and it became his story.  The son almost disappeared from the novel.

What triggers your imagination?  What inspires you to put pen to paper and spend hours creating a story?  What inspires you to paint a particular subject?  Some artists paint people.  Others paint landscapes or a still life.  As artists and writers we are drawn to particular subject for a reason.  Somewhere in our subconscious, we recognize that we need to learn a particular lesson or explore a particular idea.  Do your subjects speak to your heart?  Do they demand your attention?  Do they grab you by the shoulders and refuse to let go?

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