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Friday, April 20, 2012

Yo-Yo Ma

"I will make a mistake on stage.  And you know what?  I welcome that first mistake.  Because then I can shrug it off and keep smiling.  Then I can get on with the performance and turn off that part of the mind that judges everything.  I'm not thinking or worrying anymore."

Chinese-American Musician
1955 -

Being perfect does not make us successful.  Often it is the mistakes that make us who we become.  The mistakes make us human.  People often identify with our mistakes more than our successes.  I once hired a speaker who through her stories appeared to live the perfect life and she turned off at least a third of the audience.  Sometimes it is better to show weakness than strength.  So forgive yourself your mistakes.  They are what make you human and will eventually make you successful.  Often new ideas, products and opportunities come from failures.  How have you benefited from your failures?

Listen to Yo-Yo Ma talk and perform.