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Monday, December 17, 2012

Fiona Robyn

Satyavani Fiona Robyn"If we are serious about being artists, or about being true to ourselves, I believe that it is essential to spend time alone."

Satyavani Fiona Robyn
British Writer
1974 -

Do you spend time alone?  Most writers and artists would say: "Yes, I am alone with my writing and my art?  But are you comfortable being alone with your thoughts?  Or do you run away from thinking?  We need to become comfortable in our own skin — in being alone with our thoughts.  And some would say we need to be comfortable with no thought.  Have you ever been thoughtless?  I can honestly say I have not.  My mind rarely is still.  It slows down only when tired.  Even when I sleep, my mind is working overtime.  I seem to always be dreaming.  Scientists say that we only dream during REM sleep.  I do not find this to be true.  I dream sometimes even before I am fully asleep.  I dream during those twilight moments between wakefulness and sleep.  So when was the last time you were truly alone with your thoughts?  Not listening to the radio or the television or the neighbor talking?

Creative Practice
Find fifteen minutes this week when you are alone with your thoughts.  Not writing.  Not painting.  Not listening to music or podcasts.  Not watching television.  Not reading.  Take those fifteen minutes to explore your mind, to feel the texture of your thoughts, to open your heart to what your mind has to share.

About Fiona Robyn:  
Robyn is a published novelist, poet, psychotherapist and creativity coach.  She is fond of Earl Grey tea and home-made cake.

Quote Source:
A Year of Questions: How to Slow Down and Fall in Love with Life by Fiona Robyn

Website:  Writing Our Way Home