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Monday, December 3, 2012

Soren Kierkegaard

"Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living."

Danish Philosopher, Writer
1813 - 1855

We best learn about life by living — by living in the here and now.  Books will introduce us to many worlds and open up new universes of meaning.  We gain insights into many mysteries.  But life is the mentor that teaches the most profound lessons if we are open and ready to receive.  And if we are not ready, life will teach the same lesson again and again until we grasp it.

Creative work is like living life.  You have to do it.  Yes, books, classes and even teachers can help.  But the real work is in doing the work — of standing in front of easel and moving the brush or sitting at the table and moving the hand across the page.  Doing the work teaches the most profound and important lessons if we are ready.  Many people hesitate to do the work because they believe they are not ready.  And if they don't do the work, they will never learn the lessons needed to be successful.

Creative Practice
This week make a list of the lessons that life has taught you.  Don't stop until you have at least ten.  And these should not be lessons that you heard or read about.  These should be lessons that you learned through experience.  Maybe it was a broken heart.  Or the death of someone close to you.  Or the fact that you were fired from your job.  Maybe it was falling in love with your soul mate.  Or not being asked to the homecoming dance.  After you have identify the lessons that you have learned.  Select one lesson and write about the experience or illustrate it.