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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"I am a composer.... I neither can nor ought to bury the talent for composition with which God in his goodness has so richly endowed me."

— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
German Composer
1756 - 1791

We all have talents.  Sometimes we are not even aware of the talents we have.  We are so busy listening to the voices of others that we don't hear our own voice.  We are so busy trying to figure out what we need to do with our lives that we don't hear that small voice within pointing us in the direction we need to go.  Some people bury their talents beneath the demands and expectations of society.  Others think their talent is not important and they envy the talents and richness of the lives of others.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the talents you have been given.  Learn to encourage and use the talents that are yours.  Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming.  

Creative Practice:
Make a list of your talents that you know.  What comes easy for you?  What do you enjoy doing?  Ask friends and family what they think are some of your talents?  They may see things that you can't.  After you have compiled your list, ask yourself what you are doing to harness these talents.  How can you perfect these talents?  How can you use these talents in your daily life?  How can you use these talents in your life's work?

Background of Mozart:
Mozart was born in Salzburg, a former principality of the Holy Roman Empire.  His father was a minor composer and experienced teacher.  Mozart married Constanze Weber and had six children, only two survived infancy.  Mozart died in his 35th year.  Beethoven and others have been heavily influenced by his work.

Here is a video of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21.