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Monday, December 30, 2013

Harley King


As the winter winds whip
about the leafless trees,
bringing snow and ice,
and you sit by the fire
with a cup of hot chocolate,
reading a thriller or romance novel,
pause for a few precious minutes
and reflect on what has happened
in your life over the last year.
What are you thankful for?
What moments do you hope
will never come again?
Who do you wish you could
give a hug to at this moment?
After you have added another log
to the fire and refilled your cup,
sit back and think about
the coming year with all its hopes
and dreams.  Who are the people
most important to you and what
will you do to make them happy?
When spring overpowers the winter cold
and shoots through the frozen earth
with green leaves and lovely flowers,
will your dreams still inspire you
to raise your head and venture
forth onto the paths of tomorrow?

— Harley King

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May 2014 be filled with hugs, joy, 
laughter, happiness, love, and peace!