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Monday, September 1, 2014

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Portrait by Jakob Schlesinger

"Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion." 

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
German philosopher / writer
1770 - 1831

An old man was traveling into New York by boat.  Everyone was crowding against the rail looking at the tall buildings.  A little girl fell overboard and soon the old man was in the water.  He grabbed the little girl and people hoisted her back up on ship.  People pulled him back on ship and they began clapping.  Some shouted, "Speech!  Speech!"  The old man looked around and said, "Who pushed me?"

And that is my question for you today?  What pushes you?  What motivates you?  What excites you?  What is the passion in your life?  We all need passion.

Passion is one of the keys to success.  If you are not passionate about what you do, you will not be successful.  Creative leaders need to be passionate about what they do.  Without passion it is easy to lose sight of one's goal.  Passion helps creative leaders overcome the obstacles they face.

Are you passionate about the art you are creating?  The novel you are writing?  The sculpture you are creating?  The poems that you are writing?  The canvas you are painting?  Do you wake up excited in the morning to begin work on your creative project?  Are you obsessed with your creative work?  Do you become depressed if you are not creating new work?