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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bernie Siegel

"Refusal to hope is nothing more than a decision to die."

American Author/Physician
1932 -

This week I received the latest issue of Poets & Writers magazine in the mail.  Inside, I found a story of Sam Savage who wrote for decades without publishing.  His debut novel was published when he was sixty-five.  Now he is an international best-selling author with his third novel being published.  There is always hope.  After writing for 36 years like I have, it is easy to settle for less than what one hoped for.  One convinces oneself to be satisfied with what he was given in life.  But there is always that slight sliver of hope that just maybe another opportunity lies just around the corner.   Choosing not to hope is a decision to give up — to die empty handed.  Don't give up on your dreams.  There is always hope no matter what your age.  

Listen to what Bernie Siegel has to say about play.